Our Presentation

Don’t Stall, Just Call is an alcohol poisoning education program for college, high school, families, and educators. By sharing the risks of binge drinking and teaching the signs of alcohol poisoning, we help prevent senseless deaths.

20 year old Christian Ciammetti, avid skier, outdoorsman, and Landscape Architect major at Temple University loved his family. Christian died in 2015 as a result of alcohol poisoning after a night of binge drinking. No one is invincible.

Mary Ciammetti launched Don’t Stall, Just Call and The CTC Wellness Foundation in Christian’s memory to help young adults learn the signs of alcohol poisoning, empower them to make the call, and save a life. Medical Amnesty policies and refusal techniques are included in the presentation to educate students to know they can confidently make better and safe choices. She speaks to students across the region; colleges include Temple University, Penn State, Chestnut Hill College, Johns Hopkins, Univ. of Delaware, Drexel University, Arcadia University, Neumann University, Dickinson College, St. Joseph’s University, La Salle University, Trinity College, Mount St. Mary’s University as well as many high schools, church groups, and professional Nursing Associations.

Close to 40,000 people have heard Christian’s story. Have you?

Where have we been?

Below is a map and listing of all the locations we’ve visited to spread our message, it will continually be updated.

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Presentation Attendees (So Far)